THE CRITICAL MASS OF MEDIATION: Publication by S¿ren Andreasen and Lars Bang Larsen.

First edition published by Internationalistisk Ideale in 2012, second edition in 2015.

The book discusses mediation as a condition of the cultural production of meaning and value.


̉The Critical Mass of MediationÓ is a text-and-picture book with inspiration from the type of

publication that reframes the relations between words, images and the book format with a view

to giving rise to a new and different visual and textual logic. The book is a provisional culmination

of the investigation of the conditions of production for art that Andreasen and Bang have been

conducting for the past ten years in the form of articles, lectures and curating.

The covers are printed in unique gradations of grey.


The authors write: ̉Today mediation is a cultural given: an environment, a rhythm, a force.

It is a modality for easy exchange, with no apparent beginnings or ultimate reason. In this

realm of the possible, means and ends get mixed up, while absolutes can only be approached



1st edition, 2012.

2nd edition, 2015 – buy through Officin or Motto.