ULRIK SCHMIDT & HONZA HOECK: The publication counters the essay “Arepresentational Formation:

Notes on Depiction beyond Imitation” by Ulrik Schmidt with the artworks of Honza Hoeck. The book thereby

delivers an examination that is both material and theoretical of concepts such as mimesis, repetition

and disconnectedness as key elements for the functioning of illustration.


Schmidt writes: “At the moment the depicted is mediatised, it connects to (everything else in) the medium

as a univocal element among others in a total field of consistency. In other words, mediatisation is a process

which in the perception equates the figurative and the abstract, the depiction and the unformed materiality,

representation and presentation in an arepresentational aesthetic production which might employ the forms

of a pre-mediatised but does so without imitating.”


1st edition, 2012.