JOURNAL: With the journal that was issued on a running basis from 2008 through 2010, our aim was

to investigate and map the tendencies that affect the production and reception of contemporary

art and culture at a given time.


In I.I. #1 we wished to counter the mercantile logics of the pre-crash art world in 2008 by asking different

cultural producers and art professionals to describe their practice in its idealised – rather than pragmatic –

form: what does one hope to achieve by engaging oneself with art- and exhibition production and

mediation? The journal was issued on the occasion of Exit 08, the degree show at the Royal Danish Academy

of Fine Arts. –– In I.I. #2 that was published in early 2009, we continued the inquiry that had been established

with the first issue – with the seeming destabilisation of the existing order by the financial crisis, the time

seemed ready to start discussing alternatives. The issue featured a special section by the New York-based

curatorial collective Dispatch and was published in conjunction with the launch of the Utopia-project at Arken
of Modern Art and launched at Pladsen in Copenhagen. –– In the last issue, I.I. #3, we directed our
focus towards the apparent aestheticization of everyday life and culture in late-capitalist society.

The publication coincided with an exhibition curated by the editorial group at IMO called Ce nĠest pas une
image juste, cĠest juste une image