ABOUT: Internationalistisk Ideale is an artistic-editorial project initiated in 2008. During its first three years of

existence, the project mainly consisted in issuing a journal on contemporary art – also titled Internationalistisk

Ideale – as well as hosting events and projects related to the thematics of every journal (e.g. The Power and
Illumination Project
by Annika Lundgren; Repress by Jacob Jessen; Zombies and Immaterial Labor by Lars Bang

Larsen; Ce nÕest pas une image juste, cÕest juste une image by the editorial group).


Since 2011, our focus has been increasingly directed towards in-depth theoretical and material research,

and during the fall of 2012 we thus organised a line of exhibitions and events in collaboration with Officin

located at the old Carlsberg breweries in Copenhagen: the exhibition Et billede af en bog by Tove Storch

and Saskia Te Nicklin; Hospitium ad Infinitum, a talk by The Serving Library; the exhibition Letter of Intent by
Honza Hoeck; the print and exhibition project
Flesh, or the Colour of Any Other Object by Marianne Vier¿ et.al.
In 2012 we issued the book
The Critical Mass of Mediation by S¿ren Andreasen and Lars Bang Larsen, which

was to become the starting point for Internationalistisk IdealeÕs series of publications that place emphasis on

the singular meeting between theory and medium – the Ôbecoming bookÕ of thoughts – as well as the

conditions and developments of contemporary art.


To contact us, write an email to: k o n t a k t ( a t ) i d e a l e ( d o t ) d k